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  • WWDA as a State-level organization will be repositioned with the purpose to "guide the development of federal and state workforce policies and programs.”
  • Create products and services that garner flexible funding for workforce activities within local WDBs.
  • The local WDBs will create statewide sector collaborations and services with the private sector/associations.
  • Communicate, market and educate the role and efforts of the local WDBs 

value Proposition 2017 - 2020


WWDA is dedicated to improving the quality of Wisconsin’s workforce by supporting and maximizing the collective strength of the state’s local workforce development boards.

  WWDA Chair

  • Utilize the expertise of the business sector and workforce development professionals to guide the development of state and federal workforce policies and programs.
  • Convene and collaborate with key groups that impact the development of the Wisconsin workforce.
  • Improve awareness of the work of WWDA and its members. 
  • Secure additional sources of flexible funding for workforce initiatives
  • Connect the strengths of workforce boards to shape ideas, share best practices, and implement effective workforce development strategies.


Our local workforce boards are a network of over 50 Job Centers across the state serving more than one million customers each year.

Priority goals -2017 / 18  

Paul Decker

County Board Chair 

Waukesha County

Hartland, Wisconsin