Current INitiatives


  • Demand Driven System Reforming the workforce system to view business as the customer
  • Process Re-engineering: Re-engineer workflow resulting in improved business outreach, assessment, and coordinated business client management
  • Tools:  To better serve businesses, we will use business tools; implementing a customized Salesforce platform
  • Partnerships:  Increase collaboration between workforce and economic development professionals; and develop and expand Industry Sector Partnerships
  • Skill Training: Develop new curricula in conjunction with WTCS and deliver customized skills training to meet immediate, specific industry needs.


Evaluation of Skills Wisconsin - Baseline Report – Executive Summary  (IMPAQ International,  July 31, 2013) (PDF 480KB)

Evaluation of Skills Wisconsin – Baseline Report (IMPAQ International,  July 31, 2013) (Note full report is 104 pages) (PDF 1MB)


Skills Wisconsin Fact Sheet – Overview (PDF 232KB)

Skills Wisconsin Fact Sheet - For Workforce Development Boards (PDF 104KB)

Skills Wisconsin Overview Presentation (PowerPoint 5MB)

U.S. Department of Labor Workforce Innovation Fund (html)

Video Demo - 24 minutes (html)

Template – License MOU (DOCX 30KB)

Template – Partner Protocol (DOCX 29KB)

Wisconsin Project Partners

Wisconsin Workforce Development Association and 11 Workforce Development Board (WDB) Consortia Members

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Wisconsin Technical College System

Wisconsin Economic Development Association


Launchpad Co will serve as our implementation partner, providing staff orientation and training on the demand-driven system and customizing our Salesforce tools to meet Wisconsin’s needs.

IMPAQ International will serve as our evaluation partner, engaging with us from the start of the project and conducting a robust three-part evaluation:

  • Impact evaluation to estimate the effects of the Salesforce tool
  • Process evaluation to assess how implementation affect the stakeholders; and,
  • Outcomes evaluation to document progress of implementation on key dimensions.

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Skills Wisconsin (Skills WI) will reform Wisconsin’s system for matching workers looking for a job with businesses looking for workers, resulting in better outcomes for workers, businesses, and the programs that serve both. New partnerships, processes, work flows, and tools will be implemented to create a truly demand-driven workforce system.

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