Collabor8 2015: The Statewide Business Services Summit

The Collabor8 2015 audience is the public workforce system staff and managers working in business services, also known as the demand side, of the workforce development equation. 

This second annual statewide gathering will focus on learning about what business needs, maximizing our efforts by building sector teams, using business tools to serve businesses, and collaborating rather than competing to be the # 1 go to resource for Wisconsin businesses. 

April 1, 2015 - Breakfast @ 7:30am - Opening Session @ 8:30am - Program End @ 4:30PM

April 2, 2015 - Breakfast @ 7:00am - Opening Session @ 8:00am - Program End @1:00PM

General Sessions

o  "You are all one to me!" Steve Baue, President & CEO of ERC, formerly Marinette Marine 

o  Collaboration Panel - Real examples from surveys and team feedback - good and bad!

o  Business Luncheon Panel

o  WIOA and Business Services - Christine Quinn, USDOL Senior Advisor

o  WIOA, Youth and Business Solutions Panel

o  Industry Partnerships and Career Pathways - Taking business solutions to the next level!


Local Business Team Workshops - With plenty of space this time

Business Solutions 101 - What is it and how to do it right

Labor Market Information - Where to get it and how to use it

Apprenticeship - The original career pathway


Local Showcase Sessions - Back by popular demand, these short dynamic showcases will be sprinkled throughout the Summit general sessions.​

  1. 1. Heavy Metal Tour - Derek Heikkinen, North Central WDB

  2. 2. Trade-Up and Manufacturing Outreach Campaigns - Danica Nilsestuen,. WDB of South Central

  3. 3. High Wage Highway - Tasha Hagberg, Northwest CEP, Inc.

  4. 4. Customer Service Training - Scott Schlicker, Bay Area DVR

  5. 5. WI Fast Forward - Plexus - Paul Stelter and Bobbi Miller, Fox Valley WDB

Looking for 2014 Collabor8 information? Click here to access the 2014 page and information.

Statewide business services summit.

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